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Full Job Description


Functions as a nurse practitioner in The Division of Geriatrics and Palliative Care Medicine, Department of Medicine, EVMS, incorporating the primary role of nurse practitioner and the supporting roles of consultant, and educator.


Independently assess, diagnose, & develop treatment plans for patients in the area of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine in accordance with protocols and standards of care in all care settings.
Elicits and records a comprehensive and accurate past medical and social history and review of
systems for patients.
Performs appropriate physical exams and health maintenance, to establish a treatment plan and
follow-up care including any need for referrals, physician intervention, or hospitalization.
Differentiates between normal and abnormal findings and orders appropriate diagnostic studies.
Prescribe, dispense or deliver medications under the practice agreement.
Maintains effective communication with physicians and providers regarding individual patient
care to develop a coordinated comprehensive care plan on cases involving complex medical or
psychosocial issues.
Assess learning needs, readiness, and capabilities of individuals and families to tailor education
to meet the needs of the individual.
Counsels patients and their families when necessary in areas such as health maintenance,
medication adjustments and end of life issues.
Maintains strict confidentiality of patient information in accordance with HIPAA and handles all
matters professionally with sensitivity to racial, ethnic, and sexual orientation issues.
Maintain effective working relationships with faculty, staff, residents and the public.
Participate in development and implementation of divisional and departmental quality assessment/improvement/research programs and processes as requested.
Contribute toward the achievement of divisional and departmental goals.
Participate and contribute in/toward activities that enhance clinical expertise.
Participate in professional clinical activities in the division, community and professional organizations as needed or requested.
Ability to adapt to the utilization of various electronic health records.
Document findings, assessment and plans for each patient encounter in the Electronic Health record
Performs other duties as assigned.


MSN with a nurse practitioner focus is required. Must be a licensed RN by the Virginia Board of Nursing and a certified nurse practitioner.
Physician assistants must have a Masters of Physician Assistant and credentialed as a licensed physician assistant within the Commonwealth of Virginia
Student applicants within three (3) months of graduation/program completion will be considered. Student applicants must meet the minimum requirements of the position as a condition of employment.

Location : Location: US-VA-Norfolk