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Full Job Description

Clinical Assistant/Associate Professor, Physician Assistant Program, participates in teaching didactic and/or clinical courses in the PA Program, analyzes students’ performance and overall program outcomes for the PA curriculum.
This position reports to the Program Director of the Physician Program and carries clinical faculty status within the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. The incumbent will receive academic rank as appropriate.
1. Provides analysis of courses for appropriateness of structure, sequence and content.

2. Participates in scheduling individually and as a team for didactic and clinical courses; coordinates the distribution of lecture hours for appropriate sequencing.

3. Prepares and/or reviews exams, collaborating with faculty in test construction and item analysis. Oversees team-teaching components of assigned courses.

4. Analyzes assigned curriculum and outcomes for review at committee meeting and by the Director. Completes all assigned surveys in compliance with the ARC-PA.

5. Provides analysis of student evaluations of courses and faculty for review at committee meetings and by the Director.

6. Participates in clinical site visits, as assigned.

7. Attends and participates in PA committee meetings, program activities, and campus events.

8. Serves as a Chair of a Committee, developing agenda, preparing minutes and outcome reports as assigned.

9. Serves as faculty leader for service-learning events as needed. (Ex: Medical educational/Mission Trips).

10. Attends professional conferences, representing the PA Program and the University.

11. Engages in PA education research activities with goal of local, regional and national presentation. Demonstrates support of building the body of knowledge of the PA profession via peer reviewed scholarship.

12. Responsible for participating in the coordination and delivery of courses/content in the Clinical and/or Didactic Phase of the PA Program.

13. Actively participates in the processes of designing, implementing, coordinating and evaluating the curriculum; preparing syllabi and outlines for all assigned courses in the Clinical and/or Didactic Phase of the program.

14. Evaluates student performance and monitors progress.

15. Actively participates in the process of selecting applicants for admission to the PA Program.

16. Actively participates in the remediation process of students or assures availability of remedial instruction, when needed.

17. Serves as a faculty advisor for PA students, meets with students, provides counseling, and assures appropriate intervention, when required.

18. Actively participates in the process of developing, reviewing and revising (as necessary) the mission statement, goals, learning outcomes, and competencies of the program.

19. Contributes to ongoing self-study process, evaluation of the program and formal report to ARC-PA. Assists in writing components of application and self-study documents for the program as assigned.

20. Teaches as per faculty contract.

21. Demonstrates professional lifelong learning.

22. Exemplifies the professional PA role for the students and colleagues.

Required Qualifications:

1. Minimum 3 years clinical and/or teaching experience, 5 years preferred.

2. Graduate of an ARC-PA accredited PA Program, Masters degree (MS, MPA, MPH), Doctoral degree (preferred). Doctoral degree in other relevant health science discipline will be considered.
3. Certification: Licensure: NCCPA Certification—required, New Jersey State License eligible. Licensure/certification in other relevant health science discipline will be considered, if applicable.
4. Knowledge of the physician assistant program accreditation process and familiarity with the details of experiential education and site establishment within the healthcare community.

5. Demonstrated record of excellence in teaching, scholarship, service, and fostering empirical research.

6. Interpersonal skills to build and manage partnerships inside and outside the program in physician assistant studies, the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and University-at-large.

7. Employment is contingent upon a satisfactory background check. Candidates for hire will be required to sign a waiver authorizing the background check and produce a Social Security Card.

Preferred Qualifications: Hours Worked Posting Date: 02/07/2024 Special Instructions to Applicants:

Please submit a statement of up to 500 words about your experience in and/or commitment to teaching and caring for communities of diverse learners

Application Types Accepted: Faculty Profile