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Full Job Description

Cardiovascular care background/ education required for this position with strong critical care skills. This position is 100 % hospital based.

Specific Job Duties: This position is working closely with cardiologist. The job duties include seeing hospital consults, ordering appropriate tests and decision making. Clinical decision making with a foundation in critical care is a must. Experience in cardiology is preferred as this position operates independently in the hospital signing out the patients to the appropriate cardiologist.

Master’s Degree Physician Assistant Req

1 Year As a Physician Assistant. Pref

Licenses and Certifications
PA – Physician Assistant Must maintain board certification as required for licensure. Upon Hire Req

Active listening and learning, critical thinking, reading comprehension, effective communication, time management, judgment and decision making.

Individual Contributor

ADA Requirements
Working Indoors 67% or more
Mechanical Hazards 1-33%
Electrical Hazards 1-33%

Tasks involving exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues.

Physical Demands
Light Work