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Full Job Description

Annual salary 180k + Productivity bonus + Benefits. “”Ample time to evaluate patients, 1 Patient per hour”” Fulltime position.

Our conveniently located boutique behavioral health practice in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan is currently seeking an experienced Full-Time dynamic and energetic Behavioral Health Psychiatric Physician Assistant. The office offers a full spectrum of services including psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, and interventional treatment including dTMS and ketamine for patients with treatment resistant depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and attention disorders and OCD. The office is a friendly, comfortable environment for one-on-one, confidential support. We welcome adolescents, individuals, and couples to the office and we are committed to providing the level of support that best suits each person’s needs. Our expert use of personalized talk therapy and medication helps teens and adults move forward in good health, contentment, and balance.

The Psychiatric Physician Assistant has responsibility for providing on going psychiatric evaluation and medication management to patients receiving Behavioral Health services at the facility. They assess and treat mental illnesses through a combination of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, hospitalization, and medication. Their overall job functions will entail diagnosing, performing evaluations, and formulating treatment plans, which include medication, prescription, and psychiatric care.


  • Ensures clinical practice compliance with Managed Care/HMO, Federal and State guidelines, facility guidelines, the Department of Health, and all other governmental agencies.
  • Prescribing medications for providing treatment to patients with psychological disorders.
  • Should be able to deal efficiently with emotionally disturbed adults.
  • Prescribe appropriate medicines to treat psychological disorders.
  • Prepare diagnostic reports and review them.
  • Document notes in EMR system, prepare reports, maintain records, and related correspondence of work.
  • Collaborate with physicians, psychologists, clinical social workers, or other professionals to discuss treatment plans and progress.
  • Design individualized care plans, using a variety of treatments.
  • Examine or conduct laboratory or diagnostic test on patients to provide information on general physical condition or mental disorder.
  • Review and evaluate treatment procedures and outcomes of other mental health professional.
  • IV placement skill preferred.


  • Current license to practice medicine in New York State.
  • Two years experience in delivering psychiatric services preferred.
  • Board Certified or Board Eligible in psychiatry.


NYS NP (Required)