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Full Job Description


Reporting to the Chief of Medicine or Medical Staff Physician, the Physician Assistant utilizes the medical model to meet a variety of health care needs. The Physician Assistant works with a variety of professionals in a mental health inpatient environment and provides basic medical services supervised by a licensed physician.


  • Provide direct and indirect basic medical care to mentally ill inpatients in accordance with the protocols of Worcester State Hospital and in order to meet the special medical needs of this population.
  • Utilize effective communication skills by demonstrating respect, concern, and courtesy in all interpersonal relationships
  • Use current knowledge to promote a safe environment for providing health care to mentally ill persons.
  • Maintain current professional skills and continue professional growth to enhance the practice of medicine in this special population of seriously mentally ill inpatients.
  • Adhere to personnel policies of Worcester State Hospital, DMH, & UMMS as appropriate.
  • Prepare weekly encounter forms and quarterly time studies.
  • Assure appropriate lab utilization and review returning labs daily with documentation of interpretation of any abnormal results.
  • Utilize radiology services appropriately with commentary on returning reports as a progress note in electronic record.
  • Notify the Chief of Medicine and Medical Director in the event of high-risk cases.
  • Participate in case reviews.
  • Provide documentation of admission and annual evaluations which meet the standards of JCAHO, DMH MHIS and the Department of Medicine at WSH.
  • Provide documentation for each patient encounter including orders to increase or decrease medications with informed consent documentation. (May require guardian approval.)
  • Provide ongoing health maintenance according to accepted evidence-based practices.
  • Attend committee meetings and daily clinical review meetings as scheduled.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


Graduate of an accredited college/university Physician Assistant program with current certification/licensure.