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Full Job Description

Part Time PA/NP for busy, well established sports medicine orthopedic surgeon’s office in North Dallas. Pay listed is the minimum pay. Need someone willing to work 3 – 4 days/wk.

  • Provision of Services.
  • The Employee is hereby employed by Carrell Clinic to provide medical services to patients who present themselves at the facilities for such services and to such other patients who may be assigned to the Employee by Carrell Clinic.
  • As long as the Employee is employed by Carrell Clinic, the Employee will devote all of their business time and attention and their best efforts, skill and ability to this position with Carrell Clinic. When requested, Employee may assist other physicians in surgery only if they are WBCC patients and it doesn’t interfere with their duties at Carrell Clinic.
  • The Employee shall devote such time and energy as may be necessary or appropriate to maintain reasonable office hours at the facility and shall spend such additional time as is necessary to attend to patients and perform administrative duties.
  • The Employee agrees to abide by the rules, regulations, policies and procedures as put forth by Carrell Clinic.

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