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Full Job Description

Perform history and physical exams on new and established patients and those being seen for follow up appointments. Consult with the supervising physician as needed. 20%
Provide follow up and health maintenance care to patients in accordance with established protocols or specific instructions from the supervising physician. 20%
Initiate appropriate treatment and testing required for evaluation of illness based on training and experience. 10%
Provide counseling and instruction to patients regarding health related issues. 10%
Document clinical care of the patient according to established guidelines. 10%
Perform therapeutic and diagnostic procedures as indicated by training and experience and as directed by the supervising physician. 10%
Communicate with patients and family members within state law confidentiality and HIPAA guidelines concerning health related questions. 10%
Participate in continuous quality improvement process and other initiatives in the area of employee?��s practice. 10%
This position may be responsible for performing hospital rounding. This position may also have on-call duties 0%
Master’s Degree Physician Assistant Req

1 Year As a Physician Assistant. Pref

Licenses and Certifications
PA – Physician Assistant Must maintain board certification as required for licensure. Upon Hire Req

Active listening and learning, critical thinking, reading comprehension, effective communication, time management, judgment and decision making.

Individual Contributor

ADA Requirements
Working Indoors 67% or more
Mechanical Hazards 1-33%
Electrical Hazards 1-33%

Tasks involving exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues.

Physical Demands
Light Work