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Full Job Description

The Physician Assistant practices in an expanded role to provide health care to individuals, families, and/or groups in a variety of settings, including, but not limited to homes, hospitals, institutions, offices, industry, schools, clinics, and private practice. The PA demonstrates critical thinking skills, scientific judgment and leadership in the direct care of the patient across the life span under general supervision of the physician(s) (as defined by Law). The PA acts in collaboration with other health care professionals to deliver health care services. PA assesses and provides health promotion/disease prevention interventions based on age-specific needs as related to health history, physical exam and diagnostic data. They may provide routine physical health screening and offer primary health care for routine physical problems. They may also diagnose and manage common acute illnesses, with referral as appropriate, and manage stable chronic conditions in a variety of settings in accordance with the State of Oklahoma Physician Act, physicians’ orders, recognized nursing techniques, policies, procedures, established standards and administrative policies. The PA performs indirect care roles through education of patients/families and staff, identifying, participating in and incorporating scientific investigation of clinical phenomena. The PA serves as consultant in problem solving for patient outcomes that contribute to continual improvement of health care delivery and patient care.

Post Graduate Degree
Current NCCPA – OK