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Full Job Description

The Department of Physician Assistant Studies, School of Health Sciences, High Point University is seeking an innovative, dynamic individual for a Faculty Clinical Coordinator position in its physician assistant program. We invite you to join an education team of faculty and clinicians in a team-oriented environment. This is a full-time, 12-month, non-tenure faculty position in the Department of Physician Assistant Studies. Academic rank to be determined by qualifications. Opportunities for clinical practice and professional development are available.

RESPONSIBILITY: The Faculty Clinical Coordinator works with the Director of Clinical Education and the Clinical Team to plan, coordinate, and execute all aspects of the clinical phase of the Physician Assistant Studies program. This includes development and retention of clinical affiliations, negotiating the clinical schedule with the various clinical sites; verification and documentation of all clinical site requirements; development, implementation and assessment of academic performance evaluations within the clinical phase; troubleshoot concerns related to clinical year students and/or rotation sites; monitor students’ progress on rotations and remediate students’ academic needs and assist with coordinating the Special Topics lectures and experiential learning activities that occur within the Clinical Seminar courses on Return to Campus Days. The Faculty Clinical Coordinator is also responsible for maintaining a close working relationship with on-site coordinators appointed by the Director of Clinical Education, in an effort to stay abreast of conditions at each site and ensure that the Program continues to provide a viable rotation experience at each site.
Related activities include instruction, academic advising, serving on program and university committees, participation in program self-assessment and the ARC-PA accreditation maintenance and future site visits; participation in student applicant admissions and interviewing and participation in local, state, regional, and national professional activities and organizations. The Faculty Clinical Coordinator performs all other duties as directed by the Physician Assistant Program Chair, the Dean of the School of Health Sciences, the High Point University Provost, or the High Point University President or designee.
REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS: The Faculty Clinical Coordinator is directly responsible to the Physician Assistant Studies Department Chair.
The Faculty Clinical Coordinator:
  • Serves as Course Instructor for Supervised Clinical Experiences
    • Prepares syllabi, book lists, and objectives
    • Assumes assigned role in test preparation
    • Participates in text selection or other teaching modalities
    • Keeps active at a high level of expertise in subjects taught and stimulate enthusiasm for those subjects
    • Assesses student progress in course, prepare and submit final grades, communicate with students’ faculty advisor
    • Critiques student assignments and provide prompt feedback
  • Prepares and teaches identified topics within other PA courses within one’s area of expertise as needed
  • Participates in PBL, Simulation Labs and small group learning activities as needed by program
  • Conducts course evaluations and complete other university evaluations in accordance with university policy
  • Assists with student tutorial/remediation sessions
  • Keeps informed of current trends and new approaches to instruction via professional development activities
  • Brings to the attention of the Program Chair information on any student considered at risk, needing additional monitoring/clerkships, or any other form of remediation
  • Discusses with Program Chair any student issues regarding successful progression throughout the Program
As advisor of a specific number of students (advisees), the Faculty Clinical Coordinator shall:
  • Meets formally with each advisee a minimum of once during each semester of the program to review student performance
  • Assesses student’s readiness for the next phase of the program
  • Provides opportunity for the student to verbalize his/her progress to date
  • Provides opportunities for the students to discuss their adjustment processes and approaches to meeting the expectations of the Program.
  • Meets with any student who has performed unsatisfactorily either academically or professionally
  • Refers students to counselors as needed
  • Brings to faculty meetings for discussion information on any student considered at risk, needing additional monitoring, requiring additional supervised clinical practice experience to meet program-defined expectations, or any other form of remediation
  • Maintains up-to-date records on student advisees and interactions with advisees
  • Discusses with Program Director any student issues regarding an advisee’s inability to successfully progress through the Program
The Faculty Clinical Coordinator is expected to:
  • Participates in program self-assessment, ARC-PA accreditation review and visit
  • Attends and appropriately contributes to University, School of Health Sciences, and departmental faculty meetings
  • Participates in the development, revision, and updating of curriculum materials
  • Participates in student admissions and interviewing process
  • Maintains records and do appropriate follow up on all correspondence pertaining to applicants, students, course assignments and preceptors as applicable/assigned
  • Assumes responsibilities in grant-related projects as assigned
  • Assumes other duties within the Program when needed and feasible
  • Serves as an elected or appointed representative on departmental, School of Health Sciences, and/or University committees
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required
The Faculty Clinical Coordinator shall possess:
  • General knowledge and proficiency in classroom instruction
  • General knowledge and proficiency in clinical knowledge, skills and abilities to function within one’s profession in the primary care role
  • Knowledge of the role of various health care providers in the health care system
  • The ability to develop and utilize competency-based materials for physician assistant education
  • Knowledge of the primary care role of the physician assistant
  • Awareness of trends in educational methodologies for teaching clinical skills, and adapting these methodologies, where appropriate, to the Program
  • Proficiency in maintaining skills and knowledge required to retain eligibility of professional certification and licensure as required within one’s profession.
Education, Training and Prior Employment Experiences
The Faculty Clinical Coordinator shall possess:
  • Masters degree or higher, in healthcare-related field, doctoral degree preferred
  • If a physician assistant:
    • Current NCCPA certification
    • At least 2 years of clinical experience as a practicing PA preferred
    • Eligibility for licensure in the state of North Carolina
Applications will be accepted immediately, and the position will remain open until filled. Start date for this position is on or after July 1, 2023.
Interested applicants should email CV and Cover Letter to Professor Heather Garrison, Chair Clinical Faculty Search Committee at [email protected] for consideration.