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Full Job Description

Provide medical services to general surgical patients in the OR


  • Serve as surgical first assistant to general surgeon doing elective and emergency surgery. Secondary priority will be first assisting for surgical subspecialties such as ENT, Urology, and Gynecology for elective cases will be performed.
  • Provide first line general surgical evaluation and treatment including physical examination for patients in the emergency department that have already been evaluated by an emergency room physician.
  • Prepare patients for evaluation and treatment by an attending general surgeon if appropriate. Ensure adequate medical clearance for general surgical pre op patients by ordering the necessary consultations and testing.
  • Provide services for general surgical inpatients by responding to nurses’ calls and expediting discharges, completing documentation, etc. at the request of an attending surgeon.
  • Collaborate with the Hospital Physician Service physicians in coordinating general surgical emergency admissions and medical management of both pre- and post-op patients.
  • Provide post-operative care in local Skilled Nursing Facilities at the request of an attending surgeon including wound debridement, wound care, and education to staff, patient, and family as time allows.
  • Collaborate with General surgeons to coordinate his/her clinical services and defer to his/her decision regarding clinical priorities and assignment.
  • Maintain complete and accurate documentation of clinical work performed and complete billing encounter sheets on a timely basis.
  • Maintain all necessary certifications and FH medical staff privileges as a surgical PE.
  • Collaborate closely with the attending surgeon (“immediate physician supervisor”) of the patient to whom he is providing services. Such an attending is considered a designee of the supervising physician. The PE’s scope of practice is always limited to the scope of practice of the immediate physician supervisor.
  • Be able to work well under pressure, be patient-focused, work independently, and know when and how to ask for help.
  • Communicate effectively and participate actively on the health care team including process improvement and quality teams as asked.
  • Comply with all FH Medical Staff By-Laws and Rules and Regulations, Human Resource policies, and FH Corporate compliance policies.

Consistently provides service excellence to all patients, family members, visitors, volunteers and co-workers in a manner that reflects Falmouth Hospital’s commitment to CARES: compassion, accountability, respect, excellence and service.


  • Certified PA or licensed Nurse Practitioner approved by the Committee on Allied Health Education and Accreditation (CAHEA) of the American Medical Association
  • 2 years surgical experience, including first assistant in OR preferred
  • ACLS certified within 3 months of position.
  • BLS
  • US Department of Justice and Massachusetts’ Controlled Substance DEA Registrations are required for prescribing practitioners