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Full Job Description

Job Summary:
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth is currently looking to hire a Fulltime OBGYN Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (NP) or Physician Assistant The position is based in Forestdale, MA and Plymouth, MA.
Duties will include obtaining medical histories, performing exams, evaluating and assessing patient needs, developing and implementing care management plans as well as providing patients with counseling and education on good health practices.
Job Description:
1. Assists physicians in the care of patients in the office, including screening and diagnostic workup of patients.
2. Works in collaboration with the physicians to assess the physical needs of the patient and implement a plan of care. Develops and maintains own practice panels.
3. Evaluates, interprets, and records results of tests (Laboratory, Radiology, etc.), and reports results to physicians.
4. Responds to telephone calls from patients, pharmacies, etc., to meet the patients’ needs. Communicates examination results to patients by telephone and/or letter.
5. Coordinates and supervises the overall patient flow to ensure a smooth patient turnover. Provides patient and staff education.
6. Maintains accurate encounter forms for billing purposes. Provides diagnosis and treatment plan for insurance companies as requested.
7. Works under direction of the Practice Manager.
8. Ability to gather and interpret data for the diagnosis and management of medical conditions.
9. Excellent communication and organizational skills.
10. Ability to work independently with physician and administrative input as necessary.
Organizational Responsibilities
1. Follows hospital and department policies with special attention to safety, dress, attendance and punctuality, and display of ID badge. Subscribes to hospital’s mission statement, code of ethics, and standards of conduct.
2. Handles all work-related information in a confidential manner. Recognizes and respects each patient’s right to privacy, and understands that this is protected by statute. Understands that looking up patient information not needed for job duties is prohibited and is grounds for immediate dismissal.
3. Treats customers with courtesy and compassion and responds to requests in a timely manner.
4. Works effectively with members of the team so that they meet constantly changing needs and deliver care that is customer oriented and cost effective.
5. Demonstrates initiative and creativity to continuously improve services, departmental and interdepartmental processes, and any other activities that affect quality.
6. Performs work responsibilities while staying in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Understands and agrees to uphold the Hospital Compliance Plan.