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Full Job Description

Job Summary

The Advanced Practice Provider is a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant who, working collaboratively within a multidisciplinary health team, is responsible for providing comprehensive health care to patients in the area of specialty.

Job Responsibilities

  • Prescribe and regulate medications per written collaborative agreement.
  • Apply effective application of extensive knowledge of physical assessment, differential diagnosis, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and management of acute and chronic patient conditions to the assessment and treatment of patients. Demonstrates clinical and theoretical staff competence for the designated area.
  • Know and demonstrate understanding, skills and principles of infection prevention, reduction and control. Able to safely and effectively use medical equipment in carrying out planned interventions.
  • Coordinate with other medical professionals within an interdisciplinary team and able to work collaboratively, organize assignments, manage time, multi-task, and assist with other team members to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Conduct comprehensive or episodic health assessment of patient/families. Include the psychosocial, cognitive and personal assets and limitations of the patient/family with an emphasis on wellness when assessing patients.
  • Establish medical diagnosis; order and evaluate diagnostic studies. Perform and monitor therapeutic procedures. Access and/or manage follow-up plans, as according to written and established protocols and modify management plan based on data received from referral source.
  • Act as resource to health care staff and implement educational programs to improve management of patients/families.
  • Acknowledge importance of research process by contributing ideas, collecting data, sharing knowledge and applying new findings to practice.
  • Other duties as assigned

Education Requirements


  • Nurse Practitioner: Master’s Degree from an Advanced Practice Nursing Program RN and Nurse Practitioner licensure for State of Indiana Certification as Nurse Practitioner.
  • Physician Assistant: Graduate of an accredited school of Physician Assisting; prefer Master’s degree

Experience Requirements


  • Nurse Practitioner: Clinical nursing as a RN for five (5) years; prefer one (1) year practicing as a Nurse Practitioner
  • Physician Assistant: Experience in a hospital or physician practice setting; prefer one (1) year practicing as a Physician Assistant

License/Certification Requirements


Nurse Practitioner

  • Registered Nurse licensed to practice in Indiana
  • Advanced Practice Nurse and Controlled Substance Registration licenses in the state of Indiana
  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Registration
  • Basic Life Safety (American Heart Association)
  • Credentials with American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) or other nationally recognized credentialing center

Physician Assistant

  • Physician Assistant license in the state of Indiana
  • Controlled Substance Registration license in the state of Indiana
  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Registration
  • Basic Life Safety (American Heart Association)



  • Masters or better in Physician Assistant Studies or related field
  • Masters or better in Nursing or related field
  • Bachelors or better in Nursing

Licenses & Certifications


  • Physician Assistant
  • Advanced Practic Nurse
  • BLS
  • Controlled Substance Reg


  • Registered Nurse