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This virtual/remote position is a Full-time position.

This position will be under the supervision of the Medical Director. The Psychiatric Physician Assistant will provide patient care and perform psychiatric evaluations and assessments, conduct medication management/follow up psychiatric care, order and interpret diagnostic tests, establish and manage treatment plans.

This position is a salaried position with the starting annual rate of $100,000.00 with credit given for relative experience above what is required for the position up to $114,000.00 annually.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Adhere to credentialing requirements as outlined by IMPOWER, funder requirements and the Council on Accreditation. This includes submitting documentation and completing applications for all IMPOWER funders, without exception, with 30 days of date of hire.
  • Provide telehealth services and adhere to IMPOWER’s Telehealth procedures regarding the delivery and reporting of clinical and psychiatric services to IMPOWER clients
  • Provide patient care via tele health that is professional and patient focused.
  • Perform psychiatric evaluations and assessments.
  • Perform psychiatric follow-up/maintenance check-ups for patients on psychiatric medications.
  • Order and interpret diagnostic studies.
  • Prescribe and monitor medications
  • Establish and manage treatment plans and order referrals as needed.
  • Performance of psychiatric services that are timely and minimize patient wait time.
  • Provide clear and timely documentation of services performed
  • Complete paperwork necessary for patient care and treatment.
  • Utilize company electronic records for all clinical documentation, concurrent documentation for all services.
  • Utilize company electronic prescribing system for prescribing medication.
  • Consult with other treatment professionals, as needed to ensure comprehensive care is provided for each patient.
  • Engage patients as a partner in their psychiatric care: including discussion of physical, mental and medical issues, treatment plan formulation, medication usage and side effects, and follow-up care plan.
  • Refer for additional treatments and/or levels of care, as indicated.
  • Clear and consistent communication with the IMPOWER medical team, clinic staff and clinical team.
  • Adherence to ethical and professional guidelines and standards of practice.
  • Work within productivity guidelines established by IMPOWER


  • Masters in Medical Science – Physician Assistant degree with approved residency in Psychiatry
  • Experience working with psychiatric patients, including clinical treatment and medication management
  • Licensure as a Physician Assistant in the state of Florida, Psychiatric Specialty preferred
  • Successful background screenings through Local Law, Florida Department of Law Enforcement and FBI
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