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Full Job Description


We are currently looking for a physician assistant or nurse practitioner to provide primary and episodic care to patients, whether independently and/or in collaboration with other medical professionals. The physician assistant/nurse practitioner will function as a member of clinical team in maintaining patient flow and maximizing the delivery of quality care to patients. Great emphasis is placed on health promotion and/or disease prevention through patient education and coordination of care.


  • Follow protocols which provide medical authority when such are indicated in providing care.
  • Perform complete physical exams and assessments of patients including urgent, emergent and non-urgent presentation.
  • Select, order and perform tests and procedures to augment physical findings.
  • Define/document differential diagnoses and list differential diagnoses with likely diagnoses included.
  • Write orders on physician order sheet for tests, procedures and the implementation and management of therapies in accordance with medical nursing protocols.
  • Perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as deemed necessary and appropriate for plan of care, in collaboration with supervising physician.
  • Interpret data and diagnostic results for appropriate course of action including but not limited to blood gases, radiology, EKG, etc. in collaboration with supervising physician.
  • Notate findings and treatment course in patient chart including follow-up notes.


  • Graduate of an accredited school of nursing.
  • Certified as a physician assistant/nurse practitioner with current state licensure.
  • Skilled in traditional nursing disciplines of patient assessment and management.
  • Two years previous professional nursing experience with 1-3 years experience as a practicing physician assistant/nurse practitioner.

ALCS/PALS certification