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Full Job Description

Primary duties include:

  • Diagnosing and managing acute and chronic sports injuries with a focus on athletes, knees, and shoulders
  • Run concurrent and independent clinics (primarily clinic based)
  • Surgical first assist (backup)
  • Injections and aspirations
  • Refer for diagnostic treatment/tests
  • Evaluate x-ray, CT scan and MRI
  • Order and review lab results
  • Casting and splinting in clinic setting
  • Pre and post-operative H&Ps and follow-up
  • Write scripts
  • Dictation
  • Computer literate and ability to provide clear, concise and accurate information in HER
  • Football games and other sports coverage as needed with compensation
  • No call

Successful candidate must be NCCPA-certified. Candidate needs to be an independent thinker, self confident, organized, hard working and able to work well with others in a fast-paced and team-oriented environment with excellent interpersonal skills. Candidate must hold or be able to obtain a license to practice in Alabama.

Licenses & Certifications


  • Physician’s Assistant